Monday, September 30, 2013

AFL Grand Final and the Perth Royal Show

:( Oh well, you have to lose one to win one!

It was an exciting morning followed by a sorrowful afternoon in Fremantle on Grand Final day last Saturday.

Train to Freo

A Dockers bus/boat?

We got to Freo at 8am and prepared our tummies for some early morning drinking with a delicious breakfast from Moore and Moore.

Moore and Moore

Moore and Moore Takeaway

Fremantle was extremely purple on Saturday, and by 9:30am the cafe strip was already crowded with people setting up to watch the game in 3h on the big screens set up around the streets. After stopping off at the TAB (no wins) we decided to wait in line for half an hour and make the most of the 7am liquor licence at the Sail and Anchor.

Purple Street

We found a good spot upstairs and stayed there for the whole game. We thought we might go outside to soak up the atmosphere at half time, but things weren't looking great by then.

Floor of Sail and Anchor

It was a sad train trip home :( But at least we weren't hung over for the Royal Show!

Yesterday we braved the rain and went to the Perth Royal show. It rained on and off all day (so my traditional rainbow makeup was very apt!) and we decided to leave before the fireworks, but we definitely made the most of the show and had a great day.

Rainbow Eyes Closed

Our first stop was an outdoor show by Natural Wings Trapeze, a very beautiful performance in less than ideal weather conditions. Static trapeze looks like heaps of fun, it looks like a lot of the tricks would translate between trapeze and pole.

Natural Wings Trapeze

The dog pavilion was really fun, this year was hounds (including daschunds!) and a random dog that Andrew noticed looked like Kurt Cobain.

This dog looks like Kurt Cobain

The pigeon and poultry pavilion did not disappoint, it's one of my favourite pavilions at the show! From the constant crowing of the roosters to the pigeons with balls on their face it's definitely an eggsperience!

Yearly Pigeon with Face Balls Picture

We spent quite a bit of time in the pavilions due to the rain, but in my opinion they're the best part of the show anyway. After learning about where our meet comes from and getting our eyes massaged (and noses broken, seriously this thing was like ahh that's nice don't st... OH GOD MY NOSE) we went and patted some baby animals, stopping to watch some very intense wood chopping.

A bit Morbid

Eye Massage

Wood Chopping

Baby Chicken

Andrew's highlight was the sheep dog demonstrations, dogs are amazing! There were a couple of dogs that demonstrated herding sheep, one dog demonstrated herding ducks, and then there was a 3 month old puppy that had all the skills of a sheep dog but hadn't even started training! Apparently a lot of it is instinct, wanting to bring prey towards the pack leader (the dogs owner). The puppy was adorable.

Also a steam engine and a blacksmith:

Steam Engine


The cakes were really pretty as always. I've got the forms and next year I want to get Mina to enter some of her baked stuff (not in the decorated category though).

Sushi Cake

This year we only went on one ride; the Python Loop (a roller coaster with one loop). It was still a really fun ride but after Port Aventura it's really hard not to be a roller coaster snob!

We left the show with a whole bunch of delicious things which made our second dinner (my first dinner was curly fries, you can't go to the show and not get these!). Yay curly fries!!!

Curly Fries

Royal Show Loot

One more day left of the long weekend :)

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