Sunday, October 2, 2011

Royal Show 2011

This years Royal Show was spectacular as always. It was a girl's day out this year, and we packed our day full of food, pats, and crazy shows.

One of the first things we saw (after the disturbing duck rape incident that shall not be discussed any further) was the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm petting zoo. I absolutely love the Cuddly Animal Farm, and seeing it at the Royal Show was like two of my favourite things all at once!

This year I only went on one ride, Speed, with Gabby. It's the biggest ride at the Perth Royal Show, and it made it's debut last year but no one was brave enough to go on it with me! I was extremely nervous, but determined not to miss out this year. We got to see the ride running quite a lot of times before we got to the front of the line, and seeing people's expressions coming off was a bit daunting! When it came to our turn, Gab and I were on the first carriage being loaded, so we spent a couple of minutes at the top while the other carriage was loaded below us. It was a good amount of time to enjoy the awesome view, but a bit too long to wait to plummet face first toward the ground. Having said that, I can safely say this is the funnest ride I've ever been on, absolutely breath taking!
Tallest Ride at the Show

After a long day of walking around pavilions, it was time for a nutritious dinner of twisted fries.
Twisty Fries!
And yes, I ate the whole plate to myself.
I can't believe I ate the Whole Thing

Amy in 3DA couple of the girls left earlier on, but Amy and I stayed for the fireworks. This year volunteers were walking around handing out "3D" glasses to watch the fireworks with. At first, Amy and I were skeptical (aren't fireworks 3D already?), but MY GOD it was the best fireworks show I've ever seen!

3D Glasses for the FireworksIt was actually so intense at some points that I needed to take a moment to catch my breath. I managed to capture some footage through the glasses, but it's a meagre representation of what we actually saw. It was like every spark of each firework was multiplied by 10 while shooting rainbows at your face.

I already can't wait until show time next year :)

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