Wednesday, April 20, 2011

George has been a Busy Bunny

With Easter coming up, George has had a lot to do!

Charlie Meets George
Easter CharlieA couple of days ago, Amy and I executed project Charlie Meets George. Charlie is Amy's King Charles terrier, and George is my pet dwarf lop bunny. We were sure they'd be best of friends!

We let them have a sniff of each other while we each held on to them. George didn't seem too fussed, but Charlie was a little too interested, and was going a bit wide eyed, so we could see that it wasn't going to be the match made in heaven we had hoped for. We let George down, and he hopped away, but didn't seem frightened at all, probably just not too keen on the idea. None the less they both had a good time being fussed over by everyone. I love it when friendship crosses inter-species boundaries!

Mr. Puffington Goes to Work
Rodent Problem in my CubicleAt my workplace we have a yearly Easter Lunch Celebration where everyone gathers to have lunch and eat way too much chocolate. This year George was the special guest star! I brought George's cage into work with me and he hung out in my cubicle until his big moment. At lunch time I brought him to the meeting room... everyone loved him! George had a very good time, but was very tired from all the treats and pats he was getting.

Belinda, George and I

Happy Easter everyone!



U and Amy are crazy and i love u guys! :)


U and amy are crazy and i love u guys! :) xx