Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Australia!

Relaxing in my Private PoolWe spent Australia Day enjoying a sausage sizzle and pool party at Elissa and James's house. Elissa and James don't actually have a pool, so the pool part of "pool party" was fulfilled by having a couple of kiddie pools and a giant slip-n-slide fashioned by James out of a bunch of tarpaulins.

ElissaThe slip-n-slide was... interesting. The boys had a great time sliding and trying to launch over one of the paddle pools, while the girls had a great time making fools of themselves while trying to do the same.

Matt and the Green TubeIt was extremely frustrating! It was much harder than it looks, even with two bottles of detergent and shampoo poured over the tarpaulin to make it super slippery.

Despite the injuries it was a fun day of relaxing by the "pool".


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