Sunday, January 24, 2010

Painting the House

Over the Christmas/new year's break Matt and I painting the main rooms of the house. We'd done the bedrooms a couple of years back, and decided to tackle the rest of the rooms this year. All we have left is the bathrooms, then the doors and door frames, and our whole house will have had a nice new coat of paint!

Painting the Front Rooms

Painted Front RoomWe were a bit adventurous and used Dulux "Puddle" for the main colour in the front room. It's a bit dark (in fact we used it as the feature colour in the bedrooms) but the room is really big and we thought it would contrast nicely with the annoying pink of the carpet. We did a dark feature colour (Dulux "Baton") for the entry wall, and eventually we plan on plastering the feature brick behind the TV and painting that the feature colour too.

We actually decided to split the front room into two smaller rooms using an Expedit shelving unit from IKEA. Instead of being one long awkward room, it's now a cozy TV room and a small reading room, which desperately needs a long chaise chair :)

When One Becomes Two

Painted LoungeThe kitchen and dining we did in Dulux "Crewelwork Half" which is nice and light, and we tried to separate the little lounge from the rest of the house by painting the whole room Dulux "Puddle". We were a bit worried at first because this involved changing colours on a convex corner, but we used painters tape which was absolutely amazing and meant the line was perfect!

Walk in Robe DoneWe also painted the walk in robe, which has been really nagging me. The previous owner had obviously changed storage a few times, and so there were about a million drill holes in the wall and ceiling, whole sections of missing paint, and giant chips in the plaster. It's SO much better now and it's a real pleasure to walk in the walk in robe!

Painting the Walk in Robe

The best thing about all of the work we did is that we don't have giant drill holes all over the house. The previous owner was not shy about drilling, and she had a like of heavy curtains, tapestries, photos, calenders, etc. Even the bathrooms and toilets have drill holes everywhere!


Rick said...

I hope you marked where those drill holes are - they might come in handy one day.

Rick said...

I hope you marked where those drill holes are - they might come in handy one day.