Monday, June 15, 2009

Matt's Surprise Party

Finally, I have the secret off my chest!

Last Saturday was Matt's belated surprise birthday party. Matt's dad was already quite sick around his birthday (in April), so the day came and went and just got forgotten. I thought he deserved a party - better late than never right?

I managed to get the numbers/emails of all of his friends, do all the shopping and organise the food without Matt even having a hint of what was going on :) My mum and Mina helped out heaps though - my mum organised all the food on the day, and Mina made many of her famous cakes which were much appreciated on the night.

On that Saturday we were actually invited to Matt's cousin's 21st birthday party, which unfortunately fell on the same day. I got Matt's mum to ask him to go over her house to help out with the new computer at 6pm, which gave me 1.5h until 7.30pm when Matt would come pick me up to go to his cousin's. My excuse for not going with him to his mum's was that I was feeling sick, and so he tucked me into bed, and went without me. Little did he know that as soon as I heard the garage door go down, I was out of bed quick-smart and running around like a madman getting everything ready.

When Matt arrived, he gave us a bit of a surprise too, since he was meant to message before he came but didn't! I think he was in the twilight zone for about an hour trying to figure out what was real and what had been lies, but slowly all the strange happenings of the week started falling into place.

All in all, it was a success! Very stressful, but so much fun to do :) Happy (belated) birthday Matt!

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