Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Food Tip #2

StrawberriesI recently discovered the joys of dipping food in chocolate when we finally used the fondu set my cousin bought for us in Switzerland. Although, this brought up the dilemma of what foods can in fact be dipped in chocolate (of course anything can be dipped in chocolate, but whether it will be tasty is another story). Some stuff is obvious (e.g. strawberries) but other stuff isn't that clear (e.g. pineapple).

KiwiSo I've come up with a rule: If you can prefix the food in question with the word "milk", and it still sounds appetising, then it will taste good dipped in chocolate. 

This makes the choice a lot easier - how gross does pineapple milk sound!


Rick said...

First of all, thats a suffix.

Second, pineapple in chocolate is awesome. But not as good as strawberry, or banana.

Ryan said...

I agree I think you meant a postfix. And marshmellows are the best in chocolate!

Jess Manea said...

Good catch guys, I think I meant append.

Pineapple in chocolate is gross! So I guess this should be a rule of thumb given the strange tastes of some (yes I rhymed).

Marshmallows are good in chocolate! And marshmallow milk does sound delicious!